Capstone Progress Report Eleven

Only a week and a half to go, and I’m finally in a place I’m happy with. Since my last post, I’ve completed all the coding for my project. I still need to sync up my interactions in my long form video, but this is just a matter of fiddling with timing rather than coding. I’ve also completed three rounds of user testing – testing ten participants in total! Five students and five educators. My final user testing report is yet to come, but for the most part, it unveiled some great insights.

I don’t have a huge deal of work left to do – a lot of it is just adding some polish to the site, and making sure it is all functioning just right. From there, I need to prepare for the presentations. I have a few strategies in mind right now, but I’ll refine these ideas and come up with something within the next week.

Fingers crossed nothing breaks between now and Saturday week!


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