Capstone Progress Report Ten

Lots of progress again this last week. I’ve added in a bit more code for my neural networks video, as well as found and fixed a few bugs with everything. It’s all working pretty smoothly, but I’ll have to check the load times of everything soon on, as I’ve just being developing on a local server.

I also wrote my ‘Info for Grownups’ section, though I still have to add a tiny bit more to it. Right now it describes some broader topics in Artificial Intelligence and gives a couple of links to cool videos, and a few resources. Also a few places for further reading. In the next few days I’ll add in the more thorough description of the math that happens in my Neural Networks video, and then it should be complete.

I also completed a second round of user testing this week. I tested the application with five school teachers, which proved immensely helpful. They were all generally very positive about the site, its purpose, and the way the content was delivered, which was fantastic to hear. They did have some feedback to offer which I will take on board, and tweak the application, though. Thankfully, most of these are quite minor changes that will have significant positive impact on the site. In the next few days, I will write up a report on this user testing and the proposed changes to STEAM Cooker.

Over this next week, I will aim to completely finish the coding for my videos. Both long and short form. I will also tweak my sound file, as per Caitlin’s suggestions during the November peer feedback round, as she found it a tiny bit echo-y. This is quite a significant amount of work, so I hope I get it all done. Fingers crossed!


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