Capstone Progress Report Nine

Lots of progress this week! I’ve successfully coded in the first 2.5 minutes of interactions and visuals into my short form lesson. There’s only really my one major interaction and a small visual left to incorporate, as well as definitions, and then the short form lesson will be complete. The great news is that all of this code for the short form lesson, will also be used in the long form lesson. While it may have a few more visuals and elements to it, having what I’ve done so far will be a great starting point for me. You can check out all this progress at:

This next week I’ll be trying to get several things done. Once I finish the short form lesson visuals, I will write up my ‘Info for Grown Ups’ section. I have a good idea of what I want to include here, but will need to do some research to find some good links and additional resources for educators/parents to have access to should they (or more specifically the child using the lessons) wish to learn more about the topic. Later in the week I will be user testing with a friend of mine who I am going interstate to visit for a week on Wednesday. She’s a school teacher, and has been kind enough to recruit some of her teacher friends to test our application, as well. This will be our only round of user testing with adults/educators, so I hope to get a lot out of it.

After that, I will write up a report encapsulating the user testing results, as well as make suggestions based on any feedback we receive. However, I may not get this done till the week after this coming one, as I’m aware that final rubrics are also due quite soon. That’s it for now, but hopefully I’ll have lots more to report back with next week!


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