Capstone Progress Report Eight

Success! I finally got to film my scripts! Obviously, I wanted to get this done about three-four weeks ago, but illness had kept me from it for oh so long. But last Friday, I finally managed to get everything together and be well enough to get the recordings done.

The first thing to note is that just ahead of filming, Ed and I were discussing all the content we had and decided to cut two versions of each film. A very digestible 2-3 minute version, and then a longer form 5+ minute version. We thought that these longer form versions would work well for older students or those interested in learning even more about the topic. So just before filming I wrote myself a version that ran a little longer than my original script, and included some details about the math behind my project.

On to the filming itself… I hung up my green screen, set up two big lights with softboxes, and two smaller LED lights to make sure the whole thing was bright and evenly lit. I used a Rode mic with a Zoom H5n recorder for sound, so the sound quality is absolutely great, thankfully! The absolute most DIY part of the whole project was me stacking up shelves/tables and putting my laptop on top of them to serve as a teleprompter. You can see a pic of the setup, below.

unnamed unnamed (1)

Can’t wait to work with the footage I got, and keep coding all my interactions in the coming week!


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