Capstone Progress Report Seven

I had a very productive capstone week this week, luckily! Although it didn’t go quite to the schedule I had planned, I still got heaps of stuff done, and am really happy with the progress both Ed and I are making with our project. It won’t be long now till we have our first drafts of our lessons and I am really excited to see them myself, share them with everyone, and test them with kids, of course.

So my only setback this week was that my friend who is helping me film was sick this week. So that’s two weeks of me being sick, and one week of him being sick… Pretty hideous timing, but oh well, surely neither of us can get sick again. Fingers crossed that this coming week is the week I finally manage to film!

But on a brighter note I got a lot of other work done. After thinking more about my discussion with Jen at the last check-in session, I was thinking about how to increase the number of interactions within my Neural Networks script. I ended up realising that the most child-friendly way would be to introduce a character to my videos to facilitate more interactions. His name is Spark, he’s a robot, and you’ll meet him shortly. Basically, I now have two somewhat simple in-video interactions, and one primary one that is quite extensive and will form the bulk of the interactivity in my lesson. I rewrote major portions of the script to reflect these new changes and on the whole I am really happy with it. I think all the changes were definitely for the best.

So the final thing I did this week was sharpen my illustrator skills and create the set of assets I’ll need for my video! I’m quite happy with how they turned out, and I think they fit the STEAM Cooker aesthetic really well! Here they are below..


Over this weekend and the beginning of next week I’m going to write a lot of my code for the project (or at least the two simple interactions). I already have it all planned, and a couple of resources to help me along, but I’m really excited. And all my fingers and toes crossed that I’ll be able to film during the end of the week! I’ve had such a string of bad luck on that front, surely it has to let up this week!


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