Capstone Progress Report Six

I had a very slow week this week, unfortunately… I’ve been so sick, but finally went to go see the doctor (after having lost my voice for six days), and it turns out I have a particularly severe sinus infection. I’ve been given some pretty heavy duty antibiotics, which unfortunately have a lot of side effects and have made me permanently drowsy and nauseous. Still, I’m hoping to work through that. Oh well, what can I do, really? Definitely feel like I’m on the mend now at least, though I’ll have to be on these antibiotics for a while yet.

Anyway, what I did manage to get done was to think through my video/code interactions a lot more, and how I might modify my current storyboards to allow for that. I also worked a lot on our rubric. This is something we’ve definitely been struggling with a lot, as much of our project ought to be evaluated on qualities that are quite tricky to quantify. Our project should be an experience that makes you feel and learn something, and that is very hard to translate into numbers. However, after meeting with Jen this morning, I feel as though I have a clearer direction of the changes that need to be made going forward.

Finally, seeing as I haven’t been able to record like I wanted to because I’ve essentially been a mute for the last week, I have started taking a peek at the code. I’m going to look through what Ed’s done first (and he’s done some really great stuff!) and then start thinking about my own interactions. So basically, still plenty to do, but I feel as though I’m on track. Hopefully studio pics to come next week, if all goes to plan and I actually manage to film this week! Fingers crossed!


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